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Racing and Tuning Services in Toronto

Do you have a supercar or are planning on building one? Well, here’s where the fun begins! At Zex Toronto, our mechanics are truly passionate about sports cars and modified supercars. It's no coincidence we are the best shop in North York for racing and tuning services as well as any other high-performance services!

The Zex Toronto Guarantee

Car enthusiasts are our most thorough customers when it comes to how their vehicle is serviced. Every supercar that comes in always leaves with its performance uncompromised. Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we fully understand this type of thirst for power. So, we treat these vehicles as our own. Your passion is our passion!

That’s why, at Zex Toronto, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction, with no exceptions on supercars. We take pride in seeing the smiles on our customers' faces when they rev the engine for the very first time. Rest assured; your car will definitely be turning heads. If we fail to deliver the muscle power of your dreams, we will give you a full refund… No exception!

We Offer the Following Racing and Tuning services:

Standalone Engine Management

Your muscle car needs a reliable standalone engine management (SEM) system. This is to make sure your engine is receiving the proper power flow. However, there are all kinds of distinct configurations and different manufacturers available, making your SEM or alternator choices very difficult. To pick the right SEM, you need to consider the planned usage, upcoming upgrades, data procurement and of course your budget.

These decisions can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. If you need help choosing the right system or you are looking for the best rebuilt alternator or alternator rebuilding services in Toronto, just give us a call!

Chassis Building and Tuning

At Zex Toronto, we are experts in fixing, building and rebuilding custom chassis. What is a chassis? It’s the supporting structure of your vehicle to which all components are attached; you can think of it as your car's skeleton.

If you want to repair an old chassis or have one built, contact us to book an appointment.


Race/Performance Engine Design, Building and Install

Big things often have small beginnings... Using the latest Auto-CAD design software and CNC machines, we can design and build the custom engine that will make your supercar fly down the street.

Come on down today to have your racing engine optimized or built.

High-Performance Cylinder Head and Induction Systems

You need to choose the right cylinder heads for your engine to make the difference from an engine that delivers and one that fails performance-wise. Your car's horsepower, torque and throttle response greatly depend on how well your cylinder heads and induction system work together. At Zex Toronto, our mechanics have the skills to pick the right set of cylinder heads for you and help make your supercar a winner!

Choosing aftermarket performance cylinder heads is not as easy as you think, but we can help! Just give us a call!


Engine Dyno Testing and Tuning

Do you notice your engine is not outputting the same power it used to? Here at Zex Toronto, we have the latest dynamometers to measure the force, torque and power of your engine. Our team of car tuners in Toronto will identify any root problems and offer the best automotive solutions to make sure your engine is shaking up the neighbourhood once again!

Call us to book your engine dyno testing, engine control unit (ECU) tuning or auto engine repair today!

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From Car to Supercar

With our professional team, you don’t need to settle for less.

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