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About Zex Toronto

Zex Toronto, a family-owned enterprise established in 1978, embarked on its journey with a fundamental mission to cater to the automotive and marine sectors by offering refurbished starters, alternators, brake calipers, and power steering components.


Adapting to the evolving landscape of industry demands, Zex Toronto diversified its portfolio by venturing into the realm of A/C compressors. This strategic expansion gave rise to a specialized division within Zex Toronto, dedicated to the meticulous remanufacturing and servicing of automotive A/C compressors and clutch assemblies."

Turbo Charger

We’re Constantly Evolving

We are committed to continuous evolution, a journey marked by embracing new opportunities with enthusiasm and determination. In our quest for growth, we made the strategic decision to diversify our offerings by venturing into the remanufacturing of turbochargers and superchargers. As the landscape of our industry evolved, we further adapted our product line to encompass diesel pumps and injectors catering to the trucking sector, in addition to precision-engineered components tailored for Asian and European vehicles.


In a recent development, our facility has undergone expansion to incorporate highly precise diagnostic capabilities, aligning with and often surpassing the stringent requirements set by dealerships before embarking on component rebuilding. We take pride in the fact that, over the years, a substantial number of discerning customers have benefited from our efficient services, combined with our commitment to competitive pricing

We’ve also developed a new system to design, engineer and build custom engine components. This allows our customers to meet all their engine needs directly in our shop, as opposed to having the hassle of dealing with foreign companies.

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