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Computer-Aided Design and CNC Machining and Production in North York

In order to continue to serve your vehicle better, here at Zex Toronto, we have invested back into our company with the latest technology. Our research and development department always looks for new ways to build and repair custom OEM parts which save you, the consumer in North York, money. Thanks to our in-house auto-cad design, computer numerical control (CNC) machining and production, you won’t need to order expensive parts outside the Greater Toronto Area.

CNC-Cutting part

Advanced Automotive Technology Research and Development

The auto industry is continuously changing. That’s why we take careful consideration in keeping our equipment up to date and state of the art. We are striving to become a one-stop shop for all your auto needs. In fact, you don’t need to get parts from all over the globe; our talented team can design, build and install them directly in our workshop. To learn more about what we can build for your vehicle today, we invite you to contact us.

In-House AutoCAD Designing, Analyzing and Simulation

We use the latest computer-aided design drafting software to design new auto parts, from billet runners to throttle bodies. By getting involved in both design and manufacturing, we have created a less expensive and faster way to get those OEM parts you need for your vehicle. Now, you can get that custom part made right up the street!

In-House CNC Machining and Production

So far, we’ve invested in many technologically advanced tools, including our own CNC machining system, to either repair your old car parts or build entirely new ones from scratch! From steering wheel system pinions to intake trumpets and manifold covers, no part is too complex for us to tackle. For more information, call us today!

CAD Designing

Take a Look at Our Latest Videos of Our Talented Team in Action

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Need a Custom Part?

We have the skills and technology to help you get your dream car.

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