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Our Engine Enthusiast department

Welcome to our state-of-the-art facility specializing in engine repairs and builds. Our expert team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services to meet all your engine needs. Here's what we offer:


1. Complete Engine Restoration and Rebuild Service: Whether you have a classic car or a modern vehicle, our skilled technicians can restore and rebuild your engine to its original glory or even enhance its performance.


2. Muscle Car Engine Repairs and Upgrades: For muscle car enthusiasts, we offer specialized repair and upgrade services to boost your car's power and performance. From classic to modern muscle cars, we have the expertise to make your ride roar.


3. EFI-Conversion: We can modernize your engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems, improving fuel efficiency, throttle response, and overall engine performance.


4. Dyno Testing: Our facility is equipped with dyno-testing equipment to ensure that your engine is performing at its peak. We can fine-tune and optimize your engine's power output and efficiency.


5. Racing and High-Performance Engine Services: Whether you're a professional racer or just looking to maximize your vehicle's potential, we can design, build, and maintain high-performance engines tailored to your specific needs.


6. Award-Winning Competitive Engine Designs and Builds: Our team has a proven track record of creating award-winning, competitive engine designs and builds. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in performance and reliability.


When you choose our facility for your engine needs, you can trust that your vehicle will be in the hands of experts who are passionate about engines and committed to delivering top-notch results.


Complete Engine Restoration

Engine restoration is the meticulous process of reviving a worn-out or vintage engine to its original, like-new condition. This involves disassembling the engine, cleaning and inspecting all components, replacing or refurbishing worn parts, and reassembling it with great attention to detail. The goal of engine restoration is not only to ensure the engine runs smoothly but also to retain its original performance, aesthetics, and historical value. It's a skilled and labor-intensive endeavor that brings classic and antique engines back to life, preserving their heritage for generations to come.


Muscle Engine Repairs

Muscle engine repairs refer to the specialized maintenance and restoration of high-performance engines commonly found in muscle cars. These engines are known for their raw power and distinctive characteristics. Muscle engine repair services are tailored to these unique powerplants, addressing issues, enhancing performance, and ensuring that the heart of your muscle car is running at its peak. From fine-tuning carburetors and exhaust systems to optimizing ignition timing and compression ratios, muscle engine repairs aim to keep these iconic engines roaring with maximum horsepower and torque while preserving their classic appeal.

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Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) conversion

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) conversions involve upgrading a vehicle's fuel delivery system from a carburetor to modern electronic fuel injection technology. This process enhances engine efficiency, fuel economy, and overall performance. EFI conversions replace the traditional mechanical system with computer-controlled fuel injectors, sensors, and an electronic control unit (ECU). The result is improved throttle response, better fuel atomization, reduced emissions, and enhanced drivability. EFI conversions offer the benefits of modern technology to older vehicles, bringing them up to date while making them more reliable and eco-friendly.


Dyno Testing

Engine dynamometer, often referred to as "dyno" testing, is a crucial process used to measure and evaluate the performance of an engine under controlled conditions. It involves mounting the engine on a dynamometer machine, which simulates real-world conditions, allowing technicians to measure parameters like horsepower, torque, and other vital performance metrics. Dyno testing is valuable for fine-tuning and optimizing engines for maximum power output, fuel efficiency, and reliability. It is a valuable tool for ensuring the engine's performance matches its intended application, whether in racing, high-performance vehicles, or everyday use, leading to more efficient and reliable engines.

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Race Engine Building

Race-engine building is the specialized art of designing and constructing high-performance engines for racing applications. These engines are meticulously crafted to deliver maximum power, reliability, and efficiency, tailored to the specific demands of various racing disciplines, such as drag racing, circuit racing, or off-road competitions. Race-engine builders focus on precision machining, optimizing air and fuel delivery, enhancing exhaust systems, and selecting top-quality components to create engines that can withstand extreme conditions and deliver superior performance on the track. These engines are built to push the limits of speed and power while maintaining the durability necessary for competitive racing.


Race Engine Maintenance

Race-engine maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring peak performance and longevity in high-performance racing engines. It involves regular inspection, servicing, and repair of components to maintain reliability and competitive edge. Race-engine maintenance may include tasks like valve adjustments, oil and fluid changes, inspecting and replacing worn parts, and tuning engine management systems. This process is vital to prevent breakdowns during races and to keep the engine performing at its best, ensuring that it continues to deliver the power, responsiveness, and durability required for competitive racing events.

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