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Fleet Maintenance in North York

At Zex Toronto, we've been helping North York's businesses with their fleet maintenance. In fact, we’ve done repairs on more than 1000 light-duty trucks and gasoline vehicles: this amounts to over 10 million total kilometres!

For any business owner with a fleet of vehicles, a quick turnaround time on mechanical repairs is crucial; every day your vehicle isn’t performing on the road, thousands of dollars are lost. That’s why we'll provide you with the most advanced diagnostic services and repairs to make sure your vehicles are back on the road as soon as possible.

Prevention Is Key

Mechanical troubles always seem to emerge at the worst moment possible. Although some can erupt without warning signs, the majority can easily be prevented with periodic maintenances.

To that extent, Zex Toronto offers several monthly plans that’ll fit your business’ needs and budget. This way, not only will you save money but you’ll also have the assurance that your vehicles will get your employees and yourself to your destination without mechanical disruptions.

Our Fleet Repair Services Include:

  • Monitoring against costly, uneconomic repairs: we determine and execute minor services to lower bigger expenses down the road

  • Applying the needed repairs to your vehicles to ensure your employees remain safe on the road

  • Approved service with warranty, following factory maintenance schedules, better prices and parts required by warranties

  • Making the process seamless and easy for your employees

If you need a quick turnaround on your business vehicle repairs, call us!


Ride with Confidence

Give your employees peace of mind on the road; trust Zex Toronto.

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