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VW 06A145704B       
AU 06A145704B      
  Ident: 06A145704B


AUDI TT 00 (4 cylinder, 1.8L turbo, 180HP, engine ID ATC, VIN C, 5th digit)
AUDI TT 01-02 (4 cylinder, 1.8L, turbo), 180 hp, engine ID ATC
GOLF 00 1.8L (turbo gas)
GOLF 01 1.8L (turbo gas), engine ID AWD
GOLF GTI 00 (1.8L, turbo gas)
GOLF GTI 01 (1.8L, turbo gas), engine ID AWD
JETTA 00 1.8L (turbo gas)
JETTA 01 1.8L (turbo gas), engine ID AWD


SKU: 1350 CORE 180
Excluding Sales Tax
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