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Zex- Team

Nov 3, 2023

Getting ready for Winter

Zex Toronto.... offers a comprehensive "Winter Vehicle Preparation Service" to ensure your vehicle is ready for the challenging winter season in Canada. Our expert team will take care of all the essential steps to guarantee your vehicle's safety, reliability, and performance during cold and snowy conditions.

Our service includes:

1. Winter Tire Installation: We provide top-quality winter tires to enhance your vehicle's traction on snow and ice. Our expert technicians will ensure they are properly mounted and balanced.

2. Battery Inspection and Maintenance: We'll test your battery and perform necessary maintenance to keep it reliable in cold weather. This includes cleaning terminals and connections.

3. Antifreeze and Cooling System Check: We'll check your vehicle's antifreeze levels and concentration to prevent freezing. If needed, we'll perform a flush and refill.

4. Winter-Grade Oil Change: Our service includes an oil change with a winter-grade oil to help your engine start smoothly in cold temperatures.

5. Wiper Blade Replacement: We'll replace worn wiper blades and fill your washer fluid reservoir with a cold-resistant solution to ensure excellent visibility.

6. Heating and Defrosting System Inspection: Our experts will test your heating and defrosting systems to ensure they work efficiently.

7. Winter Emergency Kit Provision: We offer a winter emergency kit that includes essential items for your safety during the winter season.

8. Brake Inspection: Our technicians will inspect your brakes to ensure they are in good condition, critical for safe winter driving.

9. Exhaust System Check: We'll examine your exhaust system for leaks and clear any obstructions caused by snow and ice.

10. 4WD or AWD System Inspection: If your vehicle has a 4WD or AWD system, we'll check its functionality and provide guidance on its proper use.

11. Undercarriage Rust Protection: Our rust protection service shields your vehicle from undercarriage corrosion due to road salt and slush.

12. Snow Chain Installation: If necessary, we can install snow chains or other winter traction aids.

13. Winter Driving Tips: We offer guidance on safe winter driving practices and help you plan your trips according to weather conditions.

Prepare your vehicle for winter with our comprehensive service to ensure it's in peak condition, offering you safety and reliability in the challenging Canadian winter months.

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