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Toronto’s Turbochargers and Superchargers Specialists

Zex Toronto has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. Our mission is to serve the needs of our clients with respect and care. To that extent, we have broadened our range of services to meet the changing needs of the auto industry. Zex Toronto offers all the services you need for your turbocharger and supercharger in North York.

Also, superchargers and turbochargers are our specialties as we are one of the few shops in Toronto that have the knowledge and resources to take on these jobs.

What Is a Supercharger Compared to a Turbocharger?

The key difference is that a supercharger is driven by a belt joined to the crankshaft to power the engine. A turbocharger is powered by a turbine driven by the engine’s exhaust gas. Superchargers tend to be quicker to respond, yet less efficient, while turbochargers tend to be more efficient and slower to respond.

Zex Toronto’s expert team will ensure your turbocharger or supercharger is tailored to your car to meet all of your precise requests and needs. We can help you with new turbocharger kits or top-of-the-line replacement parts.


A turbocharger is a small fan pump that is powered by the engine’s exhaust gases. As air pressure rises, air and fuel go into the car’s cylinders. This gives the engine more horsepower and performance.

There Are Various Types of Turbochargers:

  • Single-Turbo
  • Twin-Turbo
  • Twin-Scroll Turbo
  • Variable Geometry Turbo
  • Variable Twin Scroll Turbo
  • Electric Turbo

Turbos are rated based on how much air they supply; each model has its own strengths and limitations. Our turbochargers are designed to be installed on either stock or custom built engines. We also stock a wide range of high-quality turbocharger parts at a fair price.

Our Turbocharger Services:

  • Repairs

  • Replacement

  • Services

  • Rebuild


A supercharger boosts the pressure and adds more oxygen to increase the power of your engine. We focus on superchargers whose design features promote efficiency and superb performance. The increase in your engine’s performance is pronounced. There is no lag or extreme exhaust heat.

There are two key forms of superchargers: positive displacement and dynamic compressors. Positive displacement superchargers provide a steady level of pressure. As for dynamic compressors, the pressure rises at an even rate as engine speeds up.

Zex Toronto stocks a large line of superchargers and engine parts to provide you with high-quality parts at a fair price. Also, our superchargers can be installed on either stock or custom built engines.

Our Supercharger Services:

  • Repairs

  • Services

  • Rebuild

  • Aftermarket kits

Hearing some odd mechanical sounds? Your vehicle doesn’t have the same boost it used to? Chances are there is an issue with your supercharger. Zex Toronto has the knowledgeable and skillful staff to diagnose your supercharger problems and make the necessary repairs.

Contact us today to book an appointment with our superchargers and turbochargers experts.

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